Cousins Clint and Kolby Cornejo are starting a new subsidiary of their Allmetal Recycling.

AMR Steel & Supply will sell new and used steel at 1028 E. 21st St. on the Allmetal campus.

“We just saw a lot of opportunity there,” Clint Cornejo says.

“If we can supply (customers) with their steel, then we can be their other outlet for the recycling as well.”

The company officially opens for business on Tuesday and is kicking off with the steel inventory that had been part of Best Supply at 1545 E. 29th St. North.

“They just took delivery of all the inventory over the last week,” says Best Supply general manager Mike Alderson. “They’re still out here working today.”

Best Supply sells heavy industrial pipe valves and fittings. A decade ago, it moved into the steel market.

“It was kind of a match for us, but yet it’s not our primary business,” Alderson says.

He says the company had been considering what to do with that part of the business when the Cornejos inquired about the business.

AMR general manager Rick Loveall says it “seems to be the perfect fit for what we’re doing.”

“We’re trying to be … all inclusive in the steel business,” he says. “We’re getting ready to stock a bunch more items.”

He says the company’s focus will be on new steel, “But we have a lot of reusable steel as well.”

Varieties of steel include angle, bar, strip and flat, channel, pipe, rebar, sheet and plate, beams and round and square tubing.

Loveall says AMR will cater to large and small contractors, who have already been stopping by as the inventory transitions between Best Supply and AMR,. He says it also will sell to what he calls Honey-Do Hanks, Six-Pack Joes and Farmer Johns.

“The guys who roll in on Saturday morning to do something.”

In addition to being open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, Loveall says AMR also will be open from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays, which he says is unusual for the business.

“We want people to know we’re here for them.”

There is a truck scale and a small platform scale at the business.

Loveall says AMR also will sell construction supplies, such as hard hats, safety vests, earplugs and other items.

The company will operate out of an expanded 7,500-square-foot building that previously was a structure without walls next to Allmetal Recycling.

After those customers drop off their metal next door, Loveall says, “Then they can come right around here and load up on new steel.”

Best Supply had its steel business in about 20,000 square feet, which Alderson says is now available for other things.

“That’s freeing us up to take on more material in our pipe valves and fitting lines and kind of expand that portion of our business,” he says.

“We’re happy about what this is going to allow us to do in the future.”

Alderson says sometimes in order to improve one part of a business, you have to let another part go.

“You have to stop doing so many things and focus on what you’re good at.”

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